Writers’ Asylum

This way lies madness. Or salvation. One of those.
(Picture by ark4n)

1 day, 5 challenges, 1,000 words each. Can you keep up?

Welcome to the Asylum: a day of writing challenges for writers!

This is a chance to try something outside your usual realm. Step outside of your comfort zone. Stretch into a new area. Do something just a little crazy, because it’s fun.

Each Asylum is created from scratch by Kess, one of our illustrious WordParents. The prompts include everything you need to do the challenge, including a bonus element with each one for those looking for an extra way to challenge themselves!

Here’s the story so far:

2013: the first Writers’ Asylum
6 challenges in 6 hours, in a day full of craziness. The challenges were across different genres, different subjects, different styles.

2014: Writers’ Asylum: Altered Perspectives
The Asylum narrowed its lens to focus on a single theme. There were 5 challenges across the day (with a break for lunch because the inmates got restless without sustenance last time), and each featured a different kind of point of view character.

2015: Writers’ Asylum: Colonising Minds
The Asylum shifted focus again: this time, the challenges move around a central story about a colony.

2016: Writers’ Asylum: Mental Battlefields.
This time, the Asylum focussed on the story of a single battle, within the scope of a wider war.

2017: Writers’ Asylum: Murder in Mind
We’re throwing a party in the Asylum, but it doesn’t go well for everyone.

2018: Writers’ Asylum: Mind and Spirit
There’s something supernatural going on! Each challenge has an extra bonus part for you to enjoy, too.

2019: Writers’ Asylum: Time out of Mind
Something is wonky in history, but will you have the time to fix it?

2020: Writers’ Asylum: Love in Mind
Every relationship has its ups and downs, these challenges take you on the ride.

2021: Writers’ Asylum: Superpowered
Where will super powers take you? Jump in and find out!

The next Asylum will open its doors in May 2022.

Here is the breakdown of the day:

Time (Brisbane / AEST)Stage
11:00amOpening address / Prologue
11:10am – 12:10pmChallenge #1
12:20pm – 1:20pmChallenge #2
1:20pm – 2:00pmLunch
2:00pm – 3:00pmChallenge #3
3:10pm – 4:10pmChallenge #4
4:20pm – 5:20pmChallenge #5
5:20pmClosing address / Epilogue

Join us:

  • In person: in Brisbane at the Coffee Club at Milton. To find us, head to the back of the restaurant and look for the forest of laptops. That’s us!
  • Online: the challenges will be going up on Kess’s writing blog on schedule and we will be broadcasting them live on the Discord server! Join us!

(The usual disclaimer: adult themes and subjects will be discussed, so this event will be unsuitable for children.)