The WordFamily is open!

We are proud to announce that the WordFamily website is open and ready to welcome you!

The WordFamily is a community of writers that has grown and developed over many years. It hasn’t always had this name: it has been a Creative Writing Group; a Brisbane NaNoWriMo group that extended activities all year ’round; and more recently an online community that has evolved into what we are now proud to name the WordFamily.

Our team of WordFam leaders – affectionately known as the WordParents – are delighted to unveil this latest step in our evolution. We are hoping this site will develop and grow into a useful online hub, where we can share news, information, and resources with each other, along with whatever else we find is great for us!

We already have a thriving online community in our Discord server, and you’re all invited to join us. We have resources for writers available and a calendar of events rolling throughout the year. But we are far from done: we have plans to build on the foundation we are releasing today, so feel free to join our mailing list (below!) to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the WordFam.

We’re always looking for more opportunities to support and engage with writers, always changing and growing, so if there’s something you want to see in the WordFam, let us know!

Thank you for joining us here in our new home. We hope you like it!

Welcome to the family!

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