As writers, we are always learning. At the start of 2022, we began a series of WordFam Workshops to learn about punctuation and grammar together as a group. The workshops happen monthly on our Discord server, and everyone is welcome! Check out the calendar to see when the next one is.

Don’t worry if you missed a workshop! Each session is recorded and you can catch up with them here.

(Note: there may be a delay for full subtitles to be available after a video is first published, we thank you for your patience. We strive to make these videos accessible where we can.)

WordFam Workshops

Workshop #1 covers an introduction to the series, and discusses full stops and commas.

Workshop #2 discusses apostrophes, colons, and semi-colons.

Workshop #3 discusses ellipses, parentheses, hyphens, and dashes. We also talk about asides and offsets.

Workshop #4 discusses dialogue, loglines, taglines, and blurbs. Our longest workshop yet!

Workshop #5 discusses synopses, prologues, and epilogues.