WordFam Workshops

Writing hand with the word 'workshop' overlaying it

This year, we are starting a series of workshops for writers and you are all invited! The WordFam Workshops are up and running, and happen every month or two on our Discord server.

These workshops are explicitly tailored for fiction writers and editors, and aim to help you develop and expand your toolbox. Workshop attendees can ask questions, bring up examples and edge cases, get involved with some examples or exercises, and take part in the discussion so we all learn together. 

We start the series with a deep dive into punctuation: what the various options are, how they work, and how you can use them in your writing for a range of effects. 

We will be moving on to other areas of grammar and writing as the series progresses, including dialogue, active and passive voice, paragraphing, prologues and epilogues, elevator pitches and blurbs, and more! 

Got something you’d like to discuss and learn more about? Let a WordFam Leader know! Want to join in? Check the event list for our next workshop and come along, no sign-up required. 

Want to know what we’ve covered already? Missed a workshop and want to catch up on it? All our workshops to date are listed here on the website, with recordings available to watch whenever suits you.

Hope to see you at our next workshop!