WordFam Leadership Update

Rubber duckies!

Hello lovely WordFam members! Your WordFam leaders have been hard at work lining up some changes and new stuff for us all. You may have seen we had our first Workshop last month (recording coming soon!), and we have heaps more in store for you all in the year ahead. 

Today, we would like to announce a restructure of our leadership team! To allay any fears up front: there’s nothing ominous about this. These changes set us up for future growth and evolution, and help our leaders to better define their roles within the WordFam. 

So, we are moving away from having WordParents and over to a two-layer team: Family Heads, who lead the way for the WordFam and have broad responsibilities; and Family Arms, who reach out, give hugs*, and have more focussed responsibilities. The rest of our members are our beloved Family Body! 

(* Hugs are optional, consent-based, and socially responsible)

We are also delighted to welcome Jade to our leadership team! Jade is joining us as a Family Arm, and you’ll soon be hearing more from her as she steps into her new role. Please join us in congratulating her!

Thanks for being a part of our WordFam. There’s so much more to come, watch this space!

A diverse mass of plastic ducklings
So many ducklings! We have some lovely ducks to lead you.