Resources Released!

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Here in the WordFam, we have a lot of knowledge collected over the years our community has been developing and growing. Through writing groups, practice, courses, writing books, research, and a lot of trial and error, our WordMum has built a set of resources to help writers do what they love best: build good stories and tell them.

Those who have travelled along the path with us will be familiar with the Digital Goodie Bag (DGB) that has been developed over the last few years. We have renovated and expanded the goodies inside the digital bag, and we are pleased to announce some exciting updates!

The centrepiece of the DGB is the Scrivener template that you can import and use as a base to build your Scrivener projects. It contains all of the materials in the DGB, organised for you to make your storytelling journey as smooth as possible!

The template now supports and guides you through the whole process of creating a story, with sheets for you to fill out, along with supporting information, guidance, and tips and tricks:

  • Building your world: outline and define the world your story lives in
  • Creating characters: delve into your main characters, and quick-reference tools to help you while you write (extended and improved!)
  • Planning and analysing your story: outline the plot of your story at multiple levels (includes a new subplot planning sheet!)
  • Compiling your manuscript into multiple formats: extract your story from Scrivener into any of its supported formats, including paperback and ebook files, with automatic front matter provided for you (new!)
  • Publishing your story: build the resources and information you need to take your story to publication, including metadata, synopses, and more (new!)

Full instructions for how to use the tools in the Scrivener template are included at the head of the project, so use that to get started!

All our sheets are available individually; you don’t need Scrivener to use them. For the text-based sheets, we provide RTF files, so you can use them in any word processor you wish. For the spreadsheets, we provide Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel versions, so you can use whichever works best for you.

We also provide a series of PDFs with information, guidance, and tips and tricks, like what to do if you get stuck on a story (extended and improved!).

Check out the Resources page for the full, updated list of everything we have at your disposal. Enjoy, and let us know if you have feedback. We’re always looking for ways to improve!