NaNoWriMo is Coming!

An image of a book pile featuring a number of diverse characters, with NaNoWriMo Writer 2021 written on it

One of the annual events we love here in the WordFam is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It’s a month-long challenge to write 50,000 words that happens every November.

It’s a fun, frenetic, and occasionally bonkers challenge. It’s all about getting your first draft down and revelling in your story! 

We love to dive into NaNoWriMo and we support everyone who wants to join in. Want to know more about how it works and what’s happening? Check out our new NaNoWriMo page with all the links and resources to help you get started and get connected!

NaNoWriMo is an online-only event, and there are heaps of virtual events both leading up to and during November.

These are independent of the usual WordFam events, so we’ve separated them out onto a new, dedicated NaNoWriMo calendar covering the events local to our WordFam (the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions). Events will be happening on the BrisNaNo Discord server and you’re welcome to join in! 

There’s one month to go before the challenge kicks off, so check it out and hop in with us!