Joining In

A set of uneven, rainbow-coloured pencils.

Our WordFam is lucky enough to have new people join us on a regular basis. We know that it is an act of courage for some, and we are honoured by those who take the step to reach out to us.

We also know that joining a community like ours can be intimidating and can come with many questions. So we have put together an Event FAQ section in which we try to provide some answers!

Our hope is that these answers provide some reassurance and guidance about how we approach our events and communications. There’s also information about our membership and our leaders here on the site, if you want to know more about who we all are as people too.

If you’re new to the group, we hope the new FAQ help to answer your questions. Still have more to ask? Respond here or hop into the Discord server and let us know!

Several birds on a wire, one of them a different colour looking nervous
Don’t feel like the odd one out! We’re all pretty birds together.