Introducing: Words with the Fam

You may have noticed a new name on our calendar: Words with the Fam.

As our wonderful community evolves, we are forging our way forward with some new elements and habits. A part of this is reimagining our existing events and making them our own.

Our monthly weekend writing meetups have evolved into Words with the Fam, in which we get together (online and also in person whenever possible!) to write and talk. We enjoy caffeine, mutual encouragement, and chatting about stories and the things that move us, all in great company. We are starting with Brisbane and Ipswich editions, with plenty of scope for more in the future.

As always, everyone is welcome to come along! No need to RSVP; just join in. Check the calendar for our next Words with the Fam event.

We have plenty more to come, and we’re open to what you want! Got some ideas for something else we might do as a WordFam? Let us know by commenting here or in the Discord server!