Writing Events

The WordFam meets up regularly to write and stay connected. Not sure what all the events on our calendar are about? You’re in the right place!

For our in-person meet-ups, we have a set of standard guidelines that everyone must follow:

We aim to hold in-person events only when we can do so responsibly and reasonably. We also run online options for most of our in-person events, so you can jump into our Events channels on Discord to join in from home or wherever you are! Your health and safety matter to us.

Here are our current in-person event requirements and guidelines to support safe, socially distant events for us all:
  • If you are sick at all, please stay home. Get tested and stay safe.
  • Please check the latest tracing information and stay home if you are affected.
  • Please abide by the current health directions.
  • We encourage you to wear face masks during the event except when eating or drinking. We're not mandating it except where explicitly stated in an event's description. We support anyone who wants to wear a mask for their own and others' safety.
  • No communal candy or food
  • No hugs 🙁
  • Please come prepared to order something from the venue, where appropriate. They are supporting us, and we hope to continue for many years to come! Let's support them in turn.
Please note that these requirements apply only to events organised and run by the WordFam. We take no responsibility for the other events we include in our list for your information and ask that you check with them for more information.

If we have to change or cancel an event due to changing requirements, guidelines, weather events, or other circumstances, we endeavour to let everyone know. Keep an eye on the Events list for any updates!

Here is the guide to what we do at each of our regular events, what to expect, and how to get involved.

Type: in-person with an online option

We run frequently writing get-togethers and you're welcome to join us! Writing With the Fam (WWTF) involves sitting, writing, chatting, eating, caffeinating, and generally trying to get some writing done before it's time to go. Whenever possible, these are in-person events with online involvement on the Discord server. If in-person is not possible, these events are wholly online.

At WWTF, you work on your own projects at your own pace. All you need to bring is your writing implement of choice and money for food and drink. You're welcome to bring headphones if you want to focus or have some quiet time to yourself.

Brisbane Edition
The Brisbane Edition of WWTF happens on the first Saturday of the month (wherever possible), from 11am to 5pm, at the Coffee Club on Park Road, Milton. You will be able to plug in for power if you need!

There's plenty of space for everyone, so you don't need to book ahead. You also don’t have to be there for the whole day – just come and go as you wish. There is free parking available in the area and easy access to public transport. If you're coming by train, the Milton train station is just around the corner.

Ipswich Edition
The Ipswich Edition of WWTF happens on the third Sunday of the month (wherever possible), from 9am to 12pm, at the Queen's Park Cafe. Please let us know if you plan to come, so we can make sure there is plenty of space available.
Type: online

It can be tough balancing writing with all the other demands of our lives: family, work, school, pets, bills, etc. We all have our struggles and stress, and it's easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed as a result. So, we get together regularly to check in with each other, talk about what's going on in our lives, and remember that we are not alone.

Check-ins happen once a month, starting at 7pm with some questions about how we're all doing. Later, we move on to some writing sprints for anyone who is interested.

This is an online event. Join us in the Events channels on our Discord server, in text or the voice chat.
Type: online

Write Night is an evening writing catch-up to help us stay motivated and productive in the writing part of our lives. There will be a prompt provided if you want to write something fresh, or you can bring along an existing project to work on.

Write Night happens about once a month. It starts at 7pm and runs for a couple of hours or until everyone is done for the evening!

This is an online event. Join us in the Events channels on our Discord server, in text or the voice chat.
Type: online

We have a regular book club in which we read and discuss a mixture of fiction and non-fiction writing craft books, and everyone is invited to take part. Join the conversation on our Discord server to get involved.

All you need to do is read the book we are currently working on and join us for the discussion! Our goal is to exchange reactions and opinions, and learn more about writing through our experience as readers.

When we are reading fiction, we read and discuss a whole book at a time. When we are reading writing craft books, we read and discuss a chapter or section at a time, so we can delve into the advice in more detail. This allows us to talk about what it means to us and what we might take away from it that will help us to improve ourselves and our writing.

The books we read are selected by the group, so if there's something you want to read and discuss, join us and suggest it!

Check the events calendar for the latest dates and times to join us! All times are in AEST (Brisbane, Australia time zone).