Event FAQ

Not sure whether you should come along to our events? New to the group and want to know more?

No problem! You can check out the info about our writing events and where and when they are.

If you’re unsure about coming to an event, you can also start here:

Yes! You are welcome. Whether you've been a part of the group for a while or have just found us, you're welcome to come along to our events.

Some events have limited space or require additional organisation. We always note if there are limits or if we need warning that you intend to come. Otherwise, we have room for everyone, so come along and join in!
We understand. Whether you're shy, introverted, suffer from anxiety, nervous of meeting new people, or uncertain how you'll fit in, we get it. Many of us have been where you are, and we know it can be both exciting and daunting to attend an event or meet a group for the first time. We have WordFam members who have been with us for years but who haven’t yet joined us in person. And that’s okay!

Your WordParents have been there, too, and we’re here to make the process easier for you. We make an effort to welcome newcomers to the group when they arrive - quietly and without fuss - and make sure everyone gets settled. We endeavour to ensure there's no pressure to perform or participate in a way that makes you uncomfortable; wherever possible, we provide options for how you want to be involved, so you can choose what's best for you.

Our in-person events are all in public places and we try to make it as low-impact for everyone as possible. If you want to observe the group to get a feel for it before jumping in, that's okay. If you don't feel comfortable speaking up in discussions, that's fine too. We are fine with people who prefer to sit quietly and won't pressure you to do something you don't want to do.

If you start to feel overwhelmed and need to step away or put headphones on to relieve the pressure, that's all good too. We seek to give space for people to join in but not push people to do things.

Let one of the WordParents know if you have any concerns or requirements, and we’re always happy to chat if you have questions.
No problem! Your WordParents are here to help however we can.

You can find us regularly on the Discord server. Drop a query into the #help-and-advice channel, or message a WordParent privately if you prefer. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can!
Absolutely fine

We generally don't call on specific people or demand that everyone speak in our events (unless we already know that you are fine with it); rather, we prefer to invite others to talk if they wish. If we are in person, simply indicate that you would prefer not to speak if asked, and we will move on.

Online, even if you join the voice channel, we don't demand that everyone talk. You are welcome to listen to the voice chat and respond in the text channel (we always provide a text channel when we're in voice chat, so people can respond as suits them). It's also fine if you don't respond at all. Our convention is to put yourself on mute so we can see that you aren't talking today. It's also common for people to put themselves on mute and respond in the text channel if they are in a noisy area or don't have a working mic. If it works for you, it's fine for us!

For most of our in-person events, we ask that people come along prepared to buy something from the venue. This helps us support the venues that host us, most of which do so for free. However, what you buy is completely up to you and entirely at your discretion. For example, if you want to buy a drink and not a meal, that's always fine. There is no minimum amount you are required to spend.

We also don't mandate or check it! So if you prefer not to buy something for any reason, that's fine.

Occasionally, we run events that have a non-optional cost associated with them. We always strive to be up-front about this and let everyone know ahead of time, so you can decide whether it is an amount you want to spend. These are exceptions, not the norm.

A lot of our events are run on a drop-in, drop-out basis, particularly the longer ones. We understand that everyone has a different schedule and it can be hard to make a specific time work for a large group of people, so we totally understand if you can only make some of the event.

No-one will give you a hard time if you come along late or have to leave early (though we’d love to see you for as long as you are able, of course!). We understand that people have multiple commitments to balance and we appreciate you making time to come and join us!

The only impact is you may miss out on some things. Some of our events are structured and there will be a timing element involved. We try to be clear about this and let people know ahead of time. For discussions (like our Book Club), if you come along late, you will miss out on some of the conversation. That’s fine, just join in when you can and we’ll all carry on together. The same applies if you have to leave early.
We hope so! Here in the WordFam, our belief is that everyone who joins us is a writer first, and an interesting person second. Writing is what connects us. So if you like writing, that is a great start!

Our membership is varied and diverse, and we welcome everyone we can. All we ask is that everyone treats others with consideration, compassion, and kindness.