Coming Soon: Writers’ Asylum!

A person standing in a square portal between worlds
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

It’s almost time to head into another Writers’ Asylum, wonderful WordFam! Our annual endeavour is on Saturday 18th June, starting promptly at 10:30am.

Not sure what the Writers’ Asylum is? It’s a day of writing challenges, stretching your writing in different ways to create a brand new story! There are 5 different challenges across the day, each one an hour long and building on the ones before it. Don’t worry, we’ve got scheduled breaks in between, including one for lunch!

This year, our Asylum theme is Altered Dimensions. Join us for an adventure across multiple dimensions and see where you (and your character) end up!

You can join us in person at the Coffee Club at Milton (Brisbane), for the live broadcast on our Discord server, or here on the site where the challenges will be going up in tandem with the live event.

You can also check out the challenges from previous Asylums if you want to know what’s in store.

Hope you can join us!