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WordFam Values

The WordFamily (WordFam) is a community of storytellers. WordFam members are writers first and interesting people second. Whether writing is our primary mode of storytelling or intersects with our art or music or another form of creative expression, we all love stories and have a drive to share them with each other and the wider world. 

The WordFam is welcoming and open to all. WordFam is based on mutual respect and an acceptance that we are all wonderfully different people. We tolerate everything except intolerance.

WordFam empowers people to be their best, honest selves. WordFam doesn’t expect people to write a particular genre, write with a view to publishing, or have a particular list of achievements in order to be valid or have a seat at the WordFam dining table. We don’t expect people to fit into any particular shape or box. We don’t expect people to be following a specific path or strive for a specific destination. We give them the space and permission to be themselves, and the support they need to move forward, whichever direction they might be headed.

Healthy communication is important. Even when discussing difficult topics, WordFam strives to keep the way we discuss and exchange ideas healthy for and respectful of everyone involved.

WordFam Goals

The central goals of the WordFam are:

  • To stay true to our core values, by striving to keep the WordFam welcoming and safe for all writers
  • To support our members in their daily lives and pursuit of their goals, with a focus on writing but also including wellbeing, self care, and other human needs in support of that
  • To share writing-related resources and knowledge, and expand them where we can
  • To promote writing-related opportunities, learnings, and success stories
  • To learn and do better, for ourselves, our writing, and everyone around us

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About the WordFam Leaders

About the WordFam Leaders

The WordFam is a community, and every community needs people at its head. They might be called leaders, coordinators, moderators, or admins. Previously, they were affectionately known as WordParents. Now we know them as our Family Heads , who lead our...
About our Members

About our Members

The WordFam is an online community for writers of all kinds. We are based in Queensland, Australia, but our membership spreads much broader than that, hailing from other parts of Australia and around the world. We welcome writers from all walks of life...

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